A cloud based analytics solution for eCommerce business intelligence

Magento Business Intelligence tool allows you to use the full extent of your business data to gain insight into customer buying behaviour, marketing, merchandising and much more. It is made with merchants in mind allowing least tech-savvy users quickly and effortlessly integrate with enterprise-grade data sets over a wide range of applications.

What can Magento BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE do for your business?

● Delve deeper into customer behaviour, including Customer Lifetime Value, inactive customers, repurchase rates, retention rates, and more.

 ● Boost your marketing with ROI on marketing campaigns that enables you to invest only in campaigns that will bring you the most profit. 

 ● Drive more sales with optimised segmentation and customisation.

 ● Improve the shopping experience for your customers using the profound insight into products, promotions, pages, placement, and channel performance.

 ● Compete better on the market as a smaller business with multi-brand, cross-border analytics.

 ● The integration to the Magento Order Management provides intelligent sourcing and inventory optimisation which helps to reduce in-store stock outs and     unnecessary markdowns.

Below are some examples of the reports that are available in Magento Business Intelligence.


  • View your Customer's lifetime value by ad channel

  • Which of the campaigns you have run has the highest and lowest ROI?

  • Which segment performed the best in retention marketing campaigns?


  • Are you getting better at creating valuable, loyal customers?

  • Who are your VIP customers who have recently filed a complaint?

  • How much of of the revenue is coming from New vs. Repeat customers?


  • View your ARR, CAC, Churn rate, and customer lifetime value

  • Who are your most loyal customers?

  • View core metrics segmentation by plan level

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