From SaaS to PaaS: Magento Commerce ushers in a new era of eCommerce technology

Magento Commerce Cloud Edition is a platform-as-a-service for your business enabling consistent rapid deployment using industry leading cloud technologies combined with the flexibility of Magento Commerce. Magento Commerce Cloud Edition combines the core Magento 2 application with best-in-class infrastructure, development and monitoring tools, and MBI. Magento Commerce Cloud Edition supports Magento Commerce digital commerce from version 2.0.5 onwards and is built on AWS (Amazon Web Services), a fully redundant cloud hosting infrastructure that offers enhanced performance, flexibility, and elastic scalability.

Magento Commerce Cloud Edition encompasses all of the advantages of contemporary cloud computing usually found in SaaS solutions, such as high flexibility and availability, elastic scalability, PCI compliance, global availability and automated patching. Magento Commerce Cloud Edition features all this while preserving resiliency in software customisation.

Magento Commerce Cloud Edition also includes a pre-integrated, top content delivery network and performance management tools that make contract management easy for retailers.

Key Features include:

 ● Magento 2 Commerce Source Code

 ● A triple-redundant, managed-hosting environment on AWS including 24x7 monitoring and support with a 99.99% full hosting stack Service Level Agreement

 ● Increased server capacity to deal with online peak periods

 ● CDN capacity from Fastly with global points of presence for both Static Objects and the Magento 2 Full Page Cache

 ● A PaaS environment to streamline building, testing, and deploying to production

 ● Industry-leading performance monitoring and profiling tools from New Relic Performance and


  •  Each merchant gets an isolated server environment where their dedicated Magento 2 application and databases are hosted.
  •  Each merchant is responsible for managing and maintaining their Magento application, any modifications to the application, and the data that resides in the application databases.
  •  Each merchant must have either a solution partner who can help them with implementation and maintenance or an in-house team of PHP developers who understand, or are capable of learning, Magento 2.
  •  Magento is responsible for
  •  - providing security patches and bug fixes for the Magento application
  •  - maintaining the underlying platform (infrastructure, development tools, monitoring tools),
    •  - Magento BI

If a merchant were to host Magento in AWS or other Hosting Provider, they would have to manage all the infrastructure themselves - usually hardware, operating systems, networking, etc. By using ECE (PaaS), they can leave all of that to Magento themselves and focus on just the Application and Data.

Read this article from AWS or watch this 3 min video to understand the difference between IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.



Build scripts and service configuration developed by Magento guarantees that every instance is adjusted and constructed for peak performance. 24x7 Monitoring and Support.

Safe, Consistent Deployments

Git-based code releases ensure repeatability, while real-only production environments enforce security.

Resiliency for Partners

Smooth integration with external vendors and compatibility with current code management systems  are ensured by a full REST API and a scriptable command line interface.

Tools for Flexible Releases

Merge, spin up, clone, and tear down boundless environments quickly for QA testing, development,  or production issue diagnosis.

Constant and Consistent Cloud Delivery

Move seamlessly and securely from development to UAT to production, in a consistent way across code branches and development teams.

Global Reach

Built on AWS (Amazon Web Services), which operates from 12 geographical regions across the world. Leveraging and extending many of its advanced architectural and security features.

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