Looking for tools to provide a True Omnichannel Customer Journey?

Magento Order Management streamlines your customer's shopping experience across all your sales and fulfillment channels, gathering information from each channel and adapting the rules and processes for each individual order. From capture, to source, and ultimately fulfillment, the customer remains at the centre of your operation at all times.

Magento Order Management features distributed order management, inventory management, omnichannel fulfillment, tax and fraud, payment, and analytics capabilities. Magento Order Management offers the end customer a continuous shopping experience across any and all channels. And with the quickest time to market in the industry, it's possible to implement Magento Order Management as a modular or a completely integrated solution.


Magento Order Management is designed for merchants who coordinate multiple fulfillment centres, stores, and dropship partners on a regular basis and who need to track the demand and the supply to fullfill orders from the best location.


Vaimo Clients Using MAGENTO Order Management

Brown-Forman is a Fortune 500 company and one of the largest American-owned spirits companies in the world. Vaimo has been working together with Brown-Forman on multiple eCommerce projects during the last 2 years to deliver eCommerce sites to Jack Daniel's in the UK and Germany and to Brown-Forman in Australia. Vaimo has developed three fully responsive sites that promote the brand through rich content and storytelling with the brand story imagery weaving throughout the sites.

Dyson, whose site was deployed by Vaimo in September 2014, has 10 web stores in Europe and Australia, with a total of 4 currencies used.

Helly Hansen launched their fully mobile-optimised new eCommerce site with the help of Vaimo in October 2016. The solution includes a total of 27 stores, 4 languages (initially) and with a catalog of 35,000 products per store.  

Launched in May 2015, Tous has a total of 5 online stores in Europe and USA and utilises 3 currencies in total.

Read the success story of TOUS implementation of Magento  Order Management here

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