• Magento is the eCommerce platform trusted by the world's leading brands. Magento is the #1 eCommerce platform for the 2016 Internet Retailer Top 1000, Europe 500 and B2B 300, with 22% marketshare.
  • Magento can provide a solution with significant return on investment. Magento's feature rich eCommerce platform will provide you with unprecedented flexibility and control over look, content and functionality and therefore saving you time and money instead of developing features from scratch.
  • Magento is a PHP based platform whereas many other well-known eCommerce platforms are Java based. It is well known that making modifications in PHP is faster vs Java and PHP powers more than 70% of the web. This ensures that your development costs are lower and far more widely supported.
  • Magento's open source platform encourages a strong eco-network. As a result you can have the peace of mind that this platform is not only future-proof but is also well supported by more than 400 000 community members. Read below, why many of the well-known brands around the world and locally have chosen Magento as their eCommerce platform.


    "We switched from a legacy eCommerce platform to Magento in 2013 as we needed more flexibility and more up-to-date functionality and regular innovation. After we thoroughly trawled the market with a full scoping exercise, we decided that Magento was the best product fit for our business and would help us achieve the growth targets across our European markets."

    Sandy Pattisson, Systems and Operations Director at The Proactiv Company

    "Magento is recognised as the go-to solution for complex eCommerce solution projects. Based on my past experience, Magento is far more flexible than other platforms and can easily be extended to meet your eCommerce needs. Quite simply, it's easy to grow your online business on Magento." 

    Joe Ellis, Business Development Manager at Sofa Brands International

    "We needed an open-source platform that also featured a lot of consultants worldwide, to challenge the price. Magento was our number one platform of choice."

    Mikael Lindblad, Chief Marketing Officer at Nutrinovate

    "We chose Magento because it's the world's leading eCommerce platform, with a wide variety of developers, partners, and knowledgable individuals to back it up." 

    Warrick Kernes, Founder and Managing Director of Action Gear

    "Magento seemed like the right choice for Urban Animal because the options for scaling up are endless, but it's also possible to start small and make it work for a start-up."

    Leon Nel, Owner at Urban Animal

    "Magento provided us with a sense of security - it's a quality platform that's been around for a while, and that's owned by a large company. The core product is good, and by default, it already has a lot to offer. We've been able to utilise the default features, and Vaimo's certified developers have customised the rest for us. The end result is great."

    Martin Lond, eCommerce Development Manager at Kaubamaja

    "We recognise Magento as the market leader amongst eCommerce platforms, as it's been around for a long while and has gained momentum. For us, it offers stability and knowledgable people."

    Peter Moore, Webmaster at Fenix Outdoor E-com

    "Hexaplan evaluated various eCommerce platforms when we started thinking of our new website. We didn't have the best experience with our previous platform, and we were searching for an agile platform that would help to support and streamline our business processes. We found that Magento was the best solution for us, as it also allows us to dream big and scale up in the future."

    Ari Koskinen, Chief Executive Officer at Hexaplan Oy

    "We went with Magento because it's an open-source platform that has many plugins and modules available - there's no need to start from scratch. Since Vallila's plan was to expand to international markets, scalability was also a strong motivating factor for us in choosing Magento."

    Johanna Widomski, Ecommerce Manager at Vallila Interior

    "Our previous site was also built on Magento Enterprise and we are very pleased with the platform. We were already familiar with the platform functionality and as we can easily scale it up it works as a long-term solution for us."

    Ian Clegg, Sales Director at Frank Clegg Leatherworks

    "We wanted to find a single-solution eCommerce platform for the whole WDH that could support the merging of all our online shops into one consolidated location and that could support a vast amount of products, attributes, and attribute sets. We found that Magento offers all of this, and also provides us with the integration possibilities that we need."

    Casper Carsten Strandvig, Senior Director, Sales and Marketing for Oticon A/S

    "We wanted an eCommerce solution that would allow us to integrate all of our systems with the eCommerce platform as the hub. External systems like RapNet, the global diamond trading network, and internal systems, like our ERP system, all need to work together. Magento supports the integrations we need to make our online store run seamlessly."

    Ara Darakjian, President at Darakjian Jewelers

    "We were familiar with Magento, its capabilities and limitations from previously working with the platform. For us, an open-source platform is very attractive because it allows us to be creative in our eCommerce endeavour. Because of that, the latest edition of Magento Enterprise is a clear winner for us."

    Jamie Wardlow, Director of Marketing at HYLETE

    "The maturity and capabilities of the Magento platform give us the foundation to scale in a cost efficient way, and the ability to add features and functionality as we get better at eCommerce."

    Karen Taylor, Ecommerce Manager of Jack Daniel's UK

    "The main goal when deciding upon a platform for Selver's online shop was to find a technical solution that would be the perfect fit for our needs and goals and that would help us, along with an experienced eCommerce solutions provider, to navigate the complexities of creating an online supermarket. We also wanted a platform that we could use in the future to create eCommerce solutions for other businesses in the Kaubamaja Group. We feel Magento Enterprise is the right platform for our growth."

    Andreas Kirss, Web Solutions Project Manager at Kaubamaja Group

    "Magento supports a large amount of products, and we knew that BAUHAUS Sweden was already working on the Magento platform with Vaimo. We recognised how agile it was to work with Vaimo and understood that it would be easier to exchange code, and connect with BAUHAUS Sweden if we were in Denmark on the same platform."

    Klaus Hedegaard, IT Manager at BAUHAUS Denmark

    "We initially chose Magento as our platform because it is flexible enough to handle and support the customised functionalities that we need to constantly implement as we come up with new ideas on how to better serve our customers."

    Steen Hestehauge, Ecommerce and System Manager at BAUHAUS Sweden

    "We felt that our earlier site did not connect us to our clients - it was hard to customise and add elements to the site, and our product catalog display made it difficult for clients to view and search for items. After reviewing different platforms, we felt that Magento along with Vaimo's attention to detail would provide us with a reliable platform that would support the integration with our ERP system and give us free hands to create the design and content we wanted for our site."

    Fredrik Karlberg, E-commerce Manager at Dr. Denim

    "When we were searching for a solution provider that would help us deliver a new B2B solution, we assessed the eCommerce platforms and suppliers in the same internal process. We chose Magento because it's a very strong platform that integrates seamlessly across various online information systems which is vital for us, given the specifications we have for the final solution."

    Verner Hølleland, Country General Manager, Printing & Personal Systems at Hewlett-Packard Norway

    "Kalevala Koru and Lapponia brands are well known all over the world and we wanted to make sure we are able to offer our products to everyone who is interested in great design and beautiful jewellery. This is where Magento came in. Our previous site was not working for us because implementing new features and design was a slow process, Magento however is scalable enough to sustain our business needs. The time to market for our project ended up being only 4 months which really shows the flexibility of the platform."

    Mikko Koskenoja, eCommerce Manager, Kalevala Koru

    "Filippa K's website has been running on Magento platform for couple of years already. It's a good platform for our size company. We like that it's open source, cost-effective and that it allows us to control the content, functionality, look and feel of the Filippa K online store ourselves. Also the fact that Magento is owned by eBay, gives us surety that we have invested into a future-proof e-commerce platform."
    Ingrid Söderlund, Head of Digital & Ecommerce, Filippa K

    "As a technology platform that supports all aspects of a functional, high-performing webshop, including SEO to attract customers, a simple order system, the ability to automatically suggest add-on orders, and the functionality to process credit card sales, Magento excels. Its integrations with 3rd party solutions such as the company ERP system allows for consistent management of the business across all sales channels."
    Anna Carlqvist, Global eCommerce Manager, GANT

    "We selected Magento because we were impressed with its flexibility and functionality. We needed a platform with the power to accommodate stock that we sell online, and stock that we sell in our offline stores. Magento seemed the best solution for Cape Union Mart to make a "quantum leap" in our e-commerce offering."
    Nick Bennett, Cape Union Mart

    "We selected Magento on the strength of recommendations from other merchants. I am very satisfied with Vaimo implementation project of Magento and its performance to date."
    Jonas Lindberg Nyvang, Marketing & Communication Manager, Björn Borg

    "We wanted an open-source and eCommerce ready platform that also supports implementing responsive design. Magento Enterprise ticked all those check-boxes."
    Tobias Karlsson-Malmborg, Marketing Manager, Plantagen

    "With our previous site, everything was quite rigid and difficult to customise to our needs. After a thorough tender process where we identified Magento Enterprise as our preferred platform and Vaimo's attention to detail responding to our RFP was why we chose them to deliver us a cutting edge eCommerce solution. We now have a great new website on a robust and flexible platform which has really improved our customer's shopping experience."
    Simon Collins, Ecommerce Manager, Pavers

    "The day to day management of our web site is hassle-free as Magento Enterprise is a flexible and easy to use as a platform- probably 90% can be done by ourselves. There is no need for a big eCommerce support department and the presence of a substantial Magento Extension Marketplace makes it possible to source and buy additional modules with ease."
    Geir Langbakken, Managing Director, Tilbords

    "Prior to starting with the eCommerce project we changed our ERP system from Profit Plus to Sage X3. There was no bolt-on integrated module for Sage X3 so we explored various eCommerce platforms and discovered that Magento and X3 were compatible. The flexibility of Magento is brilliant - we now have 3 websites running on the platform- TIMco.co.uk, TIMco.ie & TIMco.asia - all of which are different to one another with different target audiences. The integration with Sage X3 is seamless and it is also very easy to use."
    Rebecca Fortescue, Marketing Manager, TIMco

    "It was a simple decision for us to go for Magento as it's the world's fastest growing e-commerce platform. Magento is a good complete end-to-end platform, with some amazing features such as one- page checkout and SEO friendliness. It's also very competitive when it comes to the price of the platform and has a lot of flexibility for in-house management of the site."

    Zeyn Manjra, Managing Director, Kids Closet

    "We use Magento Enterprise as a group and benefit from having one shared platform across all of our existing online stores. This means reaping the benefits of existing integrations with our merchandising systems as well as with our ERP system. It also allows internally for standardisation of training and processes ."
    Amanda Herson, Head of Ecommerce, Cape Union Mart Group

    "We like Magento Enterprise's flexibility, references and the general development of the platform. We also love that it's open-source and allows for as much customization and flexibility as we need."

    John McPheters, Flight Club

    "We were looking for an eCommerce platform for Top Streetwear, that has a lot of standard functionality, is highly customisable and that is forward-looking in terms of evolution of eCommerce. We believe Magento as a platform is capable of handling our business growth, together with the changes in our requirements in eCommerce."

    Shadim Hussain, Chief Executive Officer, Top Streetwear

    "The Magento Enterprise eCommerce platform is a really feature-rich enterprise-class platform. Magento's ease of use and broad functionality allows us to maintain much of the website ourselves, like setting up categories and product catalogues - this is very advantageous."

    Thomas Nilsson, IT Manager, Mont Blanc Group

    "I have experience with Magento for couple of years already and really like the platform. Longevity was key in our decision making process. I believe Magento is a future-proof choice for an organisation. The fact that Magento is owned by eBay, was a big advantage, since selling on eBay is one of IJP Design key selling channels."

    Siobhan Kos, IJP Design

    "We wanted to have full flexibility and control over managing the Kaibosh website content in-house. One of the main reasons, we chose Magento was our need for an eCommerce platform that would allow us quick time to market. We need to be able to scale and grow to new markets without incurring significant investments and additional costs."

    Michelle Rowley, Co-founder, Kaibosh

    "Magento strikes a very good balance between open-source innovation and proprietary stability. The platform is evolving and dynamic - making use of the vast number of open-source PHP developers to fuel the rapid growth. At the same time Magento is also reliable and secure - qualities that are very important for merchants like us."

    Kyle Meenehan, Community Manager, Trappers

    "Magento is very versatile, open and flexible and this makes it a very attractive platform for a business like ours which is a bit outside of the box and where standard solutions are not sufficient. We can add and develop it as we see fit and effectively optimise it for our specific products and services, which is why Magento will continue to be a vital part for our company on-going growth."

    Henrik Svensson, Chief Executive Officer, Deinetorte

    "Magento has been relatively easy to use as an e-commerce platform. The strength of Magento is the wide range of its functionality. There is always a function or a module for every business requirement."

    David Vallin, Ecommerce Director, RNB Retail and Brands AB

    "Magento is by far the best eCommerce platform. Here at Vodacom 4U we are built to lead and not to follow. We simply needed the best to be the best."

    Jarryd Chatz, Youth Specialist / New Business Opportunities Manager, Vodacom 4U

    "We had prior experience with Magento platform and understood its feature-set and capabilities along with Vaimo's custom extensions. We saw Magento platform as the only choice for AVS Fencing to replace the legacy CMS system and that could support our future growth."

    Stephen Dalton, AVS Fencing Supplies

    "We selected Magento platform because of its flexibility and ease of use. Many great e-commerce sites are built on the Magento and our business reached to the point where we outgrew our previous eCommerce platform."

    Michael Gonsalves, Founder and Chief Operating Officer, iBags

    "We wanted a stable, state of the art platform that works. Magento Enterprise was highly recommended by our long-term payment gateway supplier. We verified this by also asking for references from our other suppliers. Also the fact that Magento is owned by eBay gives it a very strong brand reputation. As a leading global provider of standards we are also measured and therefore we need to be the best and use the best tools."
    Tintswalo Shilowa, Head of ICT, SABS

    "Magento is very well-known and also the fastest growing e-commerce platform in the mid-market space. Magento has a large variety of features to cater for each of our requirements and therefore creates a large growth opportunity for our company."

    Rainer Schreiber, Managing Director, TSS Tools Systems Solutions

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